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How to Make Your Organization Grant Ready

How to Make Your Organization Grant Ready

As the development lead of your organization, we know how busy each day can be with planning, searching for funding, writing, submitting grant applications, and trying to stay focused all at the same time. You go, boss! Summer is the time of year we can work at a slower pace and catch a much-deserved break.

You might use some of this downtime at work to plan ahead so your organization is setup for success in the months to come. This is what we call Grant Readiness.

Here are some ways we love to plan ahead for Grant Readiness for the long haul:

  • Schedule your big tasks for the next six months

  • Block time for Cultivation Tasks

  • Update your Grant Tracker and plan ahead

  • Conduct Prospect Research

  • Connect with your donors

  • Report to donors about your organization's progress

We know it can feel overwhelming, so we've created a Grant Readiness Checklist that details each and every step you can take to get there.

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