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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What nonprofit clients do you work with?
    As a team, we have written thousands of grants for a variety of organizations. We can help with grant applications to foundations, corporations, and government entities. Our nonprofit client's mission spaces range from environmental conservation, workforce development, human services, education, and community development. While we are skilled at supporting a range of missions, Bloom does not work with: Organizations that discriminate, including but not limited to, on the basis of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, country of origin, citizenship, veteran or disability status Religious, ministerial or faith-based organizations For-profit entities, including start-up small businesses Individual grants, including those for travel, tuition, or art Please view our Clients page for more information.
  • Do you work with small businesses?
    There are many private grant opportunities available for businesses. At this time, we do not provide ongoing or in-depth grant writing services for small businesses. We specialize in writing nonprofit grants. However, we welcome you to schedule a 90-minute strategy session to talk through a specific grant opportunity.
  • My nonprofit is brand new; can we apply for grants?
    The short answer; even with a strong fundraising record, it can be difficult for newer nonprofits to secure grant funding. Many funders look for a long and strong history of success. We created our Blossom Bundle to help you work towards becoming “grant ready" in just three months.
  • Will you write my federal grant?
    While our team has the knowledge and experience to support clients through federal grant opportunities, we do not write federal grants on behalf of any client. As a small business with a full client load, we are unable to allocate the amount of time required to plan, write, prepare and project manage a federal grant. We recommend that clients outsource their federal grant to a consultant with specific experience with the federal office.
  • I need help writing one grant, can you help me?
    Bloom does not offer one-time grant writing services. We specialize in full-service grant writing support, inclusive of research, strategy and project management. Review a list of our Services for more information.
  • Do you accept payment after a grant award, or on commission?
    In alignment with the American Grant Writer Association's Code of Ethics, we do not work clients who are looking to compensate grant writers with bonuses, commission, or on contingency or award.
  • What is your pricing for grant writing services?
    Our rates vary based on the project, though they are typically hourly. After a conversation, we can create a custom scope of work proposal that will include various investment and service options. Please complete our Interest Form to get started.
  • What contract options do you offer?
    We offer 3-, 6- and 12-month contract options depending on the service you require. It is our policy to not begin work until there is a signed contract in place. Review our Services to learn more.
  • We are not located in the same geography; can we work together?
    We are a fully remote business and work with United States-based clients. Our communication processes are efficient in gathering everything we need to write competitive proposals and effectively manage grant portfolios. Complete our Interest Form to get started.
  • What is your grant writing success rate?
    Our success rate is directly related to the strength of the organization's programs, board of directors, finances, objectives, and accomplishments. These factors are outside of a grant writer’s influence, and therefore we do not track our agency's success rate. Our happy clients can attest to our skills and contributions.
  • Will you contact funders for us?
    We will not contact funders or leverage our networks on your behalf, but can provide researched information and expert coaching on how to connect with them.
  • Are you able to guarantee grant awards?
    We do not guarantee grant awards though we will submit the most compelling proposal possible.

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