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We are inspired by nature's purposeful and healing solutions to changing landscapes.

We know from research and practice that resources are abundant. It is possible to successfully acquire and strengthen a sustainable base of funders invested in your nonprofit's mission.

The key?

An approach purposefully built like fireweed: 






We root grant efforts in sustainable and intuitive solutions that are specifically designed to help you focus on and achieve your goals. 
We harness grants as powerful tools that actively strengthen your organization and do not distract from your mission.
We produce helpful, replicable, and abundant results that are right-sized for your organization and create a lasting impact for your mission. 

Why Fireweed?

Native to mountainous regions, including our home in the Pacific Northwest, fireweed is the first flower to return after land has been disturbed by fire or flood. Each stem releases thousands of seeds that travel by parachute. Its root system is designed to wait out long periods of forest cover until it is time to regenerate in the sunshine.

Having started our agency mid-pandemic, we resonate with the hope and tenacity this delicate flower represents. It symbolizes an abundant ecosystem - both in the mountains and in fundraising - and fuels our determination to help every client Bloom.

Ready to bloom?

"Jacquee impeccably drove the process and kept track of all the moving pieces. Simply put, she made grant work fun, interesting, and not overwhelming!"

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