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Our mission is to help nonprofits harness their grant potential. 

About Our Founder

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Jacquee Kurdas

Founder & Principal Consultant

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Inspired by fireweed - nature’s purposeful solution to fire or flood - I founded Bloom Grant Consulting to help nonprofits harness their grant potential. What started as a solo venture has grown into a small but mighty team of passionate people.  We offer a range of services that include: leading all grant writing efforts as your outsourced teammate, building new grant programs, developing content or boilerplate, creating grant trackers and calendars, researching and qualifying funders, providing coaching, and more. 

Like most nonprofit professionals, I’ve worn all the hats. I have several years of nonprofit experience in roles such as executive leadership, fundraising, programs, and boards of directors. Paired with my lifelong love of writing, these community-centered experiences

ignited my passion for wealth redistribution and led me to become a grant writer. Ultimately, my in-house insight and outsider perspective enable me to tactfully navigate organizations of any size. As a consultant, I am collaborative, adaptive, and committed to meeting my clients where they are at any given moment. My foundation in social work enables me to skillfully research and translate your mission into asset-based narratives. My clients can rely on a listening ear who can empathize with their problems, and brainstorm solutions. My coaching style also helps clients confidently balance both tactical and relational strategies that are essential to fundraising.

I hold a Bachelor of Social Work from Ball State University and I am an active member of the Puget Sound Grantwriters’ Association and the Grant Professionals Association. I have a passion for traveling and nature. You can often find me on a long hike or backpacking trip, identifying birds, watercoloring trailside, or plotting my next adventure with my partner, Alex. 

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