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How to Use Cultivation to Secure Funders

How to Use Cultivation to Secure Funders

Cultivation is the process of building trust and loyalty to develop relationships with prospective funders.

Cultivation is important because your grant proposal is more likely to be considered or even awarded when you have invested time and effort to establish a meaningful relationship with the funder.

To be clear, cultivation is not engaging funders only when you need financial support, making frequent requests, and it certainly does not end after you receive a gift and send a thank you message.

The purpose of cultivation is to foster trusting relationships by involving funders in authentic and solution-based conversations.

Cultivation is continuous communication with funders to tell them about how their gift and involvement are making an impact.

At Bloom, we ensure your cultivation efforts are strategic by planning in advance and coordinating cultivation across key staff members. We support clients through every step of cultivation, from preparing ghostwritten outreach emails and detailed scripts, to pre-meeting prep and post-meeting strategizing.

Diving into a new grant writing process can feel overwhelming when you are just beginning. We are all for finding ways to make this processes more easeful and efficient at Bloom Grant Consulting, which is why we are creating a digital and editable Grant Readiness Checklist tool for organizations to provide clarity and ease to your grant-writing process in 2023. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about the release of this in-demand tool!

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