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Client Roles & Responsibilities

Client Roles & Responsibilities

Our team at Bloom is passionate about helping our clients succeed and harness their grant potential. In order to best serve our clients and our employees at Bloom, we have established a few client roles and responsibilities for clarity and so our work runs smoothly from the start of our time working together.

We are a small agency with big goals, competing priorities, and flexible work arrangements. As such, we can not guarantee the following:

  • Our availability to pursue last-minute, unplanned opportunities, though, our work together will include strategy discussions to prevent this exact scenario

  • Our availability to support you outside of our work hours

  • Grant awards, though, we will work together to submit the most compelling proposal we can

We are also a team of professionals that follows a Code of Ethics to promote professionalism and standards of service in our field. In alignment with the Puget Sound Grantwriters Association’s and American Grant Writers’ Association’s Code of Ethics, we will not:

  • Accept compensation that is a bonus, commission-based, or contingency-based

  • Introduce you to or reach out to funders on your behalf, but can conduct research to find and provide contact information or coaching on how to connect with them

  • Leverage our personal and professional networks to secure funds. However, you will benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the field

Finally, we strive to be excellent collaborators and need our client relationships to be mutually beneficial. As our working partners, we expect you to:

  • Arrange regular meeting times via video chat or phone on a bi-weekly basis

  • Respond to requests in a timely manner

  • Provide adequate access to information, contacts, historical proposals, and data as necessary

  • Facilitate access to staff and volunteers for discovery meetings and information gathering as needed

  • Pay submitted invoices on time per the terms and conditions of our contract

We feel that sharing these roles and responsibilities upfront paves a clear pathway to building trusting relationships with our clients. If you have any questions regarding these roles and responsibilities, please let us know! We would be happy to discuss them further with you. Email us at

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