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Understanding the Grant Writing Journey

Get the full picture of the grant writing journey and where to begin with your grant writing process.

Understanding the Grant Writing Journey

New to grant writing? Understanding where to begin can feel overwhelming, especially when you are unfamiliar with the grant writing process. The grant writing journey like any journey is an adventure and can often come with twists and turns, ups and downs, lots of uncertainty, and many rewards!

From building relationships with funders, researching prospects, to writing a proposal and demonstrating the funder's impact, the grant writing process requires determination and patience. Once you have clarity of where you are in the process for each funderalong with the right tools and supportyou'll be setup up for success for the long haul.

☕ Grab a warm beverage and let's dive into the grant writing journey from beginning to end.

The Grant Writing Journey Pie

🌱 Stage 1: Cultivation (25% of grant efforts)

The Cultivation stage is the nurturing ground of the grant-writing process. This stage is all about building relationships with funders to receive grant funding. The Cultivation stage also includes setting clear expectations and responsibilities for all parties involved, including board members, executive directors, and grant writers. Although we often start with Cultivation, it is an essential ongoing process that nurtures strong relationships with funders. It is arguably the most important stage and should not be overlooked.

✍🏽✨Stage 2: Solicitation (50% of grant efforts)

The Solicitation stage is where all the creativity and magic of grant writing happens. It is when the organization, in partnership with its grant writer, gets to set the scene by telling a compelling and relevant story. Beyond writing, the Solicitation stage includes proving community need or program methodology through research, multiple rounds of edits and conversations with program staff, and preparing special materials for submitting your grant!

📖 Stage 3: Stewardship (25% of grant efforts)

After you win a grant (congrats!) and utilize the grant funding, the next phase is all about helping funders understand the impact of their contribution. The Stewardship stage is critical to maintaining a strong and long-lasting relationship with the funder. We often advise that organizations personalize the "reporting" experience whether it's producing a creative infographic with numbers, sharing vibrant photos that tell a story, or arranging a one-to-one with the funder.

What stage does your organization need to improve?

Our team at Bloom supports organizations throughout this entire process. We aim to give our clients as much clarity and ease as possible during their grant writing journey.

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